Dock Levellers


Dock levellers are used to bridge the gap between delivery vehicles and warehouse doors. They are usually installed at the warehouse doors to make loading and unloading of vehicles easier.

Dock levellers can be used at any warehouse entrance, industrial building, loading or unloading zone. They make it possible to receive deliveries from any vehicle without having to worry about a gap between the warehouse and the vehicle. By removing this gap, you save time on unloading, and you ensure that there is no damage to goods due to an unsafe loading/unloading environment.

Advantages of Dock Levellers

The first advantage of using dock levellers at your warehouse or loading zone is the amount of time and effort saved by installing them. They make loading and unloading convenient, safe for your workers, and efficient. And it’s not only safer for your employees, using these levellers also helps you avoid damages to goods and/or other equipment during the loading/unloading process.

IMG_0092Apart from saving time and making loading and unloading of vehicles easier, dock levellers are also very easy to operate. The height of the dock leveller is controlled hydraulically. These have a distinct advantage over pneumatic dock levellers as there is no need for large pumps or air bags. They are versatile enough to meet the demands of almost any situation. There’s no additional steering unit, and no complex wiring. Our dock levellers put the simplicity back into your logistics demands.

The K5 Group uses dock levellers constructed from aluminium. We use this material as it is highly resistant to corrosion and chemical spills – making it suitable for all types of work environment. They can be cleaned quickly and easily, without requiring specialised chemicals and equipment. Aluminium doesn’t require any special treatment, it can be used as it comes without having to worry about paints or sealants.

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Dock Leveller Repairs

The K5 Group offers repairs and maintenance on dock levellers installed by us. When your dock leveller is not functioning properly, it can become a serious problem very quickly as the downtime affects efficiency and profitably.

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