In order to ensure the best fit, we’ll come to you first to perform an onsite assessment. Onsite assessments are charged at R600, but will be free if you choose us to do the job.  Doing an assessment first allows us to give the most fair and accurate quote. Coming to see the site before quoting also allows us to determine the most efficient and most cost-effective way for your new industrial doors to be fitted.

For all installations we try our best to work with our clients to arrange the most convenient time for the work to be done and ensure the least impact on business. We can even arrange to do installations at your facility after hours to ensure that your regular business day is not interrupted, avoiding costly downtime. Contact us to find out more about after hours installations.


All our installations are carried out by our team of skilled and in-house trained technicians. Not only are they specially trained by us to do the best installations, we also take care to train our technicians thoroughly in all the latest safety regulations and standards.

We employ our own safety officer to oversee installations and ensure that we are compliant with safety regulations at all times. Risk assessments are a vital part of our installation process. We perform all the necessary assessments before any work is carried out. The safety of our technicians is important to us and we adhere to safe operating procedures at all times.