Maviclean – Clean Rooms

High Speed Door for clean rooms

mavicleanIdeal for Clean Room Environments

  • Reduces the exchanges of air loss.
  • Maintains the over pressure of the controlled environment/clean room.
  • Tested by The CSTB:
    • measured air tightness.
    • pressure resistance test.
  • Designed for easy cleaning.
  • Fast, smooth operation.
  • Perfect sealing and gap-less frame preventing contamination.
  • Frame equipped with mounted control box as well as flush buttons.


Clear Opening Dimensions

Max. (W) 4000 mm x 4000 mm
Headroom: 350 mm
*Can make bigger upon request


Opening: 1 m/s – Closing: 0,5 m/s

  • Automatic Opening and Closing (Opening/Closing according to set limits or temporisation.
  • Manual Opening and Closing (Opening/Closing by holding down push-button).


Smooth and upright with closed profile.
Composed of a self supporting C shape closed profile and polyethylene guides.
Unique design with a non-welded frame construction – Frame contains no gaps and is impervious to moisture.
Anti-static guides enclose the flexible connection brackets in its continuity (patented) to insure automatic reinsertion of the curtain both ways.

Options include:

  • Stainless steel 304L or 316L
  • Flexible guides or semi-flexible guides fixed on frame.


Curtain flammability classification C (EN 13501-1).
Treatments: Mildew, UV and Salt Resistant.
Phonic Insulation: 16 dB A.
Thermal Insulation: K = 5 W/ m2 Degrees Celsius.


Motor bi-speed included in the steel beam.
IP 55 protection.

For more info on the Maviclean Model download our brochure.