PERSAX Aluminium Roller Shutters

PERSAX Aluminium Doors, a nation wide leader with over 40 years of experience, now in South Africa.

  • 40 years experience in the manufacturing of Aluminium Doors.
  • RDI Department, consisting of a team of engineers and architects who, by constantly analyzing the market trends, carry out important research. and product innovation tasks.
  • Lead time of 1 week for white, 3 weeks for colour.
  • Adhere to strictest quality controls required by the ISO 9001 international standard.
  • Committed to respecting the environment and practice social responsibility.

Roller shutters are a global solution to your home offering you great advantages:

  • Sound proofing and thermal insulation: shutters allow us to control the room temperature and noises coming from the outside.
  • Security: the selfblocking system provides obvious protection against burglary and vandalism by preventing easy access through the windows.
  • Privacy: roller shutters allows you to go out while still having privacy from the outside.


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